Best of 2015 by Mark Hastings

IMG 6526  Ruby Mountain IMG 6620  Gray Jay ( Camp Robber ) IMG 6669  Townsend Ridge IMG 6724  Barclay Lake
IMG 6756  Gothic Peak IMG 6759  Gothic Basin IMG 6761  Bothic Basin IMG 6778  Gothic Basin
IMG 6793  Sheep Gap Mountain IMG 6808  Gothic Peak IMG 6813  Gothic Peak IMG 6832  Friends heading toward Gothic Peak
IMG 6885  Above Gothic Basic GothicPeak15 pano1  Gothic Basin IMG 4096  Shack on Three Fingers IMG 6979  Mark on Squire Creek Pass
IMG 4157  Up on Sourdough Mountain IMG 4169 IMG 6992  Mount Terror in the background IMG 4216  Trail to Goat Lake
IMG 7173  Yellow Skunk Cabbage IMG 4297  Near Ancient Lakes IMG 4320  Shooting Stars IMG 7252  On top of Mount Dickerman
IMG 4479  Oregon Painted Hills IMG 4500  Oregon Painted Hills IMG 4527  Oregon Painted Hills IMG 4528  Oregon Painted Hills
IMG 4538  Oregon Painted Hills IMG 4568  Oregon Painted Hills IMG 4601  Small Moth IMG 4664  Clarno in Oregon
PaintedHills15 pano3  Oregon Painted Hills IMG 7418  Mt Rainier MerchantPeak pano1  View from Merchant Peak IMG 7523  Cat Rock on Merchant Peak
IMG 4774  Dear in meadow below Gardner Mountain IMG 7554 IMG 7556  Ground Squirrel IMG 7557  Abernathy Peak in the background
IMG 7582 IMG 7587  Millions of Lady Bugs on North Gardner Mountain IMG 4801 IMG 7602  View from North Gardner Mountain
IMG 7627  Columbine NGardner pano5 IMG 7688  Mt Pugh and Sloan Peak from Whitechuck IMG 7704  Cairn on Whitechuck
IMG 7714  Me on Whitechuck IMG 7782 IMG 7797  Three Fingers and Whitehorse from Whitechuck IMG 7819
IMG 7822 IMG 4910  Bee IMG 4926  Butterfly IMG 7842  Me on Bean Peak
IMG 7848 IMG 7867  Mount Stuart IMG 4997  Tiny Flower BeanPk15 pano1  Stuart Range
pano IMG 7917  Whitechuck from Mt Pugh IMG 7969  Sloan Peak from Mt Pugh IMG 7985  Trail down Mt Pugh
IMG 8004  More Bees IMG 8064  Devils Smokestack from Garland Peak IMG 8100  More bees IMG 8126  Glacier Peak
IMG 8134  Along the Crest Trail IMG 5041  Butterfly Cady15 pano2  View from Cady Ridge IMG 8185  Fisher Creek Valley
IMG 8200  Golden Horn and Tower Mountain from base of Kitling Peak IMG 5073  Liz near Coleman Glacier on Mt Baker looking for  swim. IMG 8246  Liz and Dad IMG 8252  Mt Baker from Heliotrope Ridge
IMG 8310  Morning Star, Vesper, Sperry, and Big Four from Del Campo Peak GothicBasin15 pano4  Gothic Basin IMG 8374  DelCampo Peak IMG 8384  West Cady Ridge
IMG 8385 IMG 8498  Snowy Lakes above the PCT IMG 8499  Tower Mountain IMG 8529  Goat Rocks area
IMG 5335  Milky Way over Goat Rocks IMG 5362  Gilbert Peak from Old Snowy IMG 8636  View from trail to Necklace Valley IMG 8641  Mountain Internet
IMG 8715  La Bohn Lakes IMG 8791  F15 above Hinman IMG 8835  Cool Shrooms MtHinman15 pano4  View from Mt Hinman
IMG 8841  Glacier from Bedal IMG 8888  Trail up Little Giant Pass IMG 5407  Clark Mountain IMG 5480  East of Little Giant Pass
IMG 8935  Ingalls Way IMG 8961  Ingalls Lake and Mt Stuart IMG 8975  East end of Ingalls Lake IMG 8985  Ingalls Lake reflection
IMG 9013  Teanaway Valley IngallsLake15 pano1  Ingalls lake IMG 5550  My tent below Black Peak IMG 5569  Milky Way above Black Peak
IMG 5571 IMG 5597  Black Peak in the Alpenglow IMG 5652  View from Black Peak IMG 9193  Small Lake below Pinnacle Lake
IMG 5670  Sunset over Everett from Mt Pilchuck IMG 5727  Moonrise from Mt Pilchuck IMG 5803  Mt Pilchuck Lookout in the moonlight IMG 5803a  Mt Pilchuck Lookout in the moonlight
IMG 5820  North side of Mt Pilchuck in the moonlight IMG 9420  Keyes and Columbia Peak from Vesper Peak IMG 9493  Bridge at Lake 22 IMG 9495  Lake 22 outlet
IMG 9540  Lots of snow IMG 9542 IMG 5880a  Long Mountain along Mountain Loop Highway IMG 5916a  Winter pools below Big Four Mountain
IMG 5939  Hall Peak IMG 5948  Trail to Big Four Ice Caves IMG 5957  Frost